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When the son of world-revered adventurers suffers the loss of both parents, Sam Sunstrom must overcome fear and self-doubt as he and his siblings struggle to prevent a cruel, technological zealot from using a cosmic window which would decimate life on Earth upon activation.

Sam despises the mere thought of becoming an adventurer though. Memories of a vicious attack and his own bloodied, thirteen-year-old body lying in his mother’s arms have haunted him into his twenties. As a result, he’s convinced himself that he’s content using his amazing strength and durability to earn a living as a human probe at the Sapien Rex Corporation.

But the relatively normal life he’s carved out for himself is shattered when archenemy Isaiah Stone murders his parents in cold blood and sends hero-killing super assassins to wipe out the rest of his family. From that moment, Sam, his sister and three brothers are propelled into a battle for survival that takes them from a Chilean safe house to their father’s hidden base in Algeria. There the team discovers that the world-ending machinery they’ve been fighting desperately to keep out of Stone’s hands is a part of their own family legacy, sending them hurtling towards a final confrontation in the Pacific with their parents’ killer.